Welcome to My Site

Welcome to my site

You found me! Now that you are here it is time to learn a little bit more about what makes me tick. On this site you will find information about my family, my career and a little to much about myself. You might even find a few factoids you had no idea you wanted to know.

Family Life

Family pictureLet's start with my family. I have been happily married for over 12 years! I have two kids with another one on the way. I'm not able to keep plants alive for more than a week, and I love to Reese's Pieces. If you want to learn more about my family and I, head over to my family page here. Or for some of my photos click here.

Let's Talk Career

Career pictureI have been in the tech industry for quite a long time. Starting in High School, all the way to where I am today. Join me on my career page to see my whole story and a few examples of my work.

Get in touch

Contact pictureDo you want more information about what services I can offer you or your company? Maybe you are an old friend and you just want to reconnect? Come to my contact page and send me a line, I'll be quick to get back to you.